Resolusi Tahun Baru?


Butuh renungan seputar Resolusi Tahun Baru?

Berikut kutipan dari  newsletter Joe Vitale, penulis buku-buku laris seperti “Zero Limit”, “The Attractor Factor”, “AT Zero”, “The Secret Prayer” dan sebagainya. Sengaja disajikan dalam bahasa Inggris agar sama dengan pesan aslinya. Semoga bermanfaat!

Do I set resolutions?


Studies prove that resolutions don’t work.

Less than 8% of people follow through on
the ones they state.

So I don’t play that game.

 Instead, I wake up every morning and focus on doing something good, following my passion,
and improving in any way I can that day.

And I do the same thing the next day.

And the next.

Do it 365 times and you create a year of magic,
miracles, progress, inspiration and improvement.

Isn’t that better than stating a resolution that
probably will fail?

I’m offering you my way as an alternative.

It’s a New Year.

It’s New Year’s Day.

What could you do today – just today – to express
your mission, act on inspiration, accomplish
something good, and/or improve in some way?

It doesn’t have to be big.

It’s just something for today.

What can you do?

Do it.

Expect Miracles.



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